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Learning hand-in-hand...

Our clinics and workshops give hands-on instruction for anyone who's
"always wanted to", or who's just starting to take an interest.

D&J group options are excellent for schools, bands, theatre groups, homeschoolers, youth and teen groups, clubs, churches, senior centers, family gatherings and more.

We offer a variety of subjects to spark a diversity of tastes, including:

In every program we take special care to make use of the strengths and skills of individual participants in ways which increase educational value for the whole. Active and engaging curricula tailored to each group's specific needs and motivations also ensure that each D&J class will be fun for everyone!

All of our group programs are fully adaptable to create the best fit for any age, skill level or interest. Rates vary-- 10-15% discounts offered for most groups and families.

Some of our most popular programs are featured below; contact us for a full list and ideas on how to meet the needs of your group.

Performance Classes

Our performance programs help people of all ages tackle all the ways to connect with an audience through exercises designed to foster relaxation and ignite full creative energy. Participants develop skills and awareness around the elements of Stage Presence, Focus, Anxiety Management and more.

Future Stars helps kids in grades K-6 discover the joy of being in the spotlight through the realms of playing music, acting, storytelling, debate and other performance modes. Whether they like to be front-and-center or just a special part of the group, participants benefit from a supportive and nurturing environment that honors each individual's strengths and dreams.

In our Take The Stage! program , teens and adults get the chance to step up in front of an audience and practice building skills in their chosen medium. We've had musicians, actors, poets and even board members from various organizations use our methods to gain confidence, enhance their personal power and increase their enjoyment in public expression.

Little Feet Music and Movement Programs

Preschoolers, toddler and even babies can explore rhythm, harmony and movement with us through a variety of music and performance play. Optional add-on: At the end of each session, individual tots take turns getting a “private lesson” with one of our teachers to help them and their caregivers learn ways to greater foster their unique interests and motivations at home.

Teen Vocal Performance Clubs

Creative arts, self-empowerment and leadership all rolled into one fun project! Any kind of vocal performance from fronting a rock band to musical theater to a cappella singing could be covered. In the end the program becomes whatever the group makes it, because its focus is co-created by teens and teachers alike, and each member has an influence on its development.

Summer Street Workshops

We also bring in guest artists through our non-profit house concert series. A free show is usually included with each workshop, plus chances for participants to join our featured guests onstage. More info at (seasonal... check back for updates).

  • Thank you for conducting a fabulous class that taught me much and gave me room for practice--I look forward to taking it again!

    Heidi Marie Gennaro, Woodstock VT
  • I am poet. Take The Stage has so empowered me in the presentation of my work. Another student who at first played his guitar with great skill but just mumbled the words was looking like Elvis Presley by the end of the class!

    David Tucker, Chelsea VT