Instructors for Music






D&J Music was founded by Don Sinclair and Jennifer Grossi, who have been teaching and making music together since 2006. They live in the Upper Valley of Vermont. "Don & Jenn" have performed together since 2010 as a duo and with a full dance band; schedule, music and booking information at

All our teachers engage in both private and group instruction, and use their connections with a variety of other community groups and organizations to enhance learning opportunities for students.

Don Sinclair

* Guitar * Bass * Mandolin * Chord Theory

Don plays guitar, bass and mandolin in a multitude of bands and has been a professional musician for almost 40 years. He's the one they all call to figure out a better chord to play or note to sing...


Jennifer Grossi

* Voice * Piano * Keyboard * Ukulele * Basic Rhythm * Music Theory * Performance

With advanced vocal training as well as performance and directing experience in a variety of settings, Jenn has facilitated groups of all ages. She's the one that can tailor any program to make it a perfect fit...


Thomas Chapin

* Guitar * Songwriting

Thomas joined our team in Summer 2014 as a K-6 Camp Coordinator; his background includes substitute teaching music in schools and band leadership. He's the one who can write a song for any occasion...

Maria Reger

* Beginner Guitar * Ukulele * Songwriting

Jenn's daughter Maria started teaching in 2013 at the age of 12. She's the one all the kids love... because she's still one of them!